Wright Choice Home Health‘s services are rooted from genuine experience and expertise. We provide extensive healthcare services that are carefully crafted to answer the needs and the demands of our patients.

Our services include:

Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nursing staff are experienced and well-trained. They are licensed and certified. They are experts in cardiac, medical/surgical, oncology, pulmonary, endocrinology, neurological and urological nursing care; ostomy and wound care; and patient and family training.

Their responsibilities are performed under the advice of our patient’s physician. They coordinate with other staff in order to maintain an organized work flow of healthcare services.

Occupational Therapy
thumbWe have licensed Occupational Therapists who provide adaptive equipment, assessment, and training, cognitive/perceptual and sensory motor activities, reality orientation and visual perception training. They also assist our patients in increasing and maintaining independence in doing their daily activities.
Home Health Aide

Our Certified Aides assist with our patient’s daily living activities. They give focused attention to every details of what our patient does, from getting out of bed, eating, bathing, to hygiene and grooming. They also do light housekeeping to maintain a clean environment for our patients.

In general, our Home Health aides enable our patients to go on with his/her daily routine.

Medical Social Services
thumbWe have licensed Medical Social Workers who provide counseling and emotional assistance with problems related to their health condition. They make them accept and face reality and build hope for better things to come. They also help our patient in finding necessary community and economic resources.
Physical Therapy
thumbWe have licensed Physical Therapists who provide specialized programs to improve functional status. They help our patients in order to increase mobility and prescribe therapeutic programs that are carefully designed to meet the patient’s unique needs.
Speech Therapy
thumbWe have licensed speech therapists who work on our patient’s speech deficiency. Some patients develop a difficulty in speaking and expressing themselves. Sometimes, in worst situations, they are not able to say any word. Our speech therapists design language programs suitable to individual needs of our patients in order to improve and restore communicative skills lost due to illness or accidents.

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