About Us

an old man and his caretakerWright Choice Home Health is the leading healthcare service provider in the chosen communities within Trinity county. Our service area includes Walker, Montgomery, Grimes, Madison, Trinity, Angelina, Houston, Polk, Leon, San Jacinto, San Augustine, Nacogdoches and Cherokee counties.

We provide extensive healthcare services that are carefully crafted to answer the needs and the demands of our patients. We are driven by the passion to serve and the willingness to take part in improving and maintaining our patients’ desirable state of health and wellness.

We understand how strenuous it is for a patient and his or her family to seek health care services outside a rural community where choices are limited. What makes Wright Choice Home Health unique is our proximity. We are located in a rural community to service rural needs. Our patients’ loved ones will not have to go somewhere else to find assistance. With just a call, we will be at your doorstep as soon as you need as to be.

Wright Choice Home Health is a family owned and operated agency. Administrators are Registered Nurses with a combined experience of 60 years. Because of this, our staff has been equipped with ample amount of knowledge and they have been harnessed to have the desirable attitude towards their work. We are attentive to the sensitivity of our patients and we understand how different needs can arise from different patients.

Your life is our life’s work! Make the Wright Choice. Call 1-877-308-3400 today!